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The Mythical Origins of Christianity: How Is Christianity Alike to Ethnic Religions?

Updated on May 8, 2018

Catherine Giordano


Skill, doctrine, government, and faith are shop topics for author and orator Catherine Giordano.

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Christianity has lots in commons with mythological religions and the hero-worship of sun-gods. | Seed

Is Christianity Based on Mythological Characters?

During the beginning 100 CE the Roman Imperium encompassed almost of the soil circumferent the Mediterranean Sea, including parts of Italy, Greece, Egypt, and Judea. Many dissimilar religions flourished therein clip and place—pagan religions, Judaism, and the beginnings of Christianity.

Spiritual syncretism—the combine of dissimilar, eventide self-contradictory, beliefs and practices—was vernacular. It was “cafeteria religion” run demoniacal. Versatile gods and religions were confluence with apiece over-the-counter and ripping off from others all the metre.

During the outset 100, hundreds of enigma cults thrived. A whodunit cultus was a unavowed faith that byzantine the idolise of a god (or gods and goddesses). Many of these gods were savior-gods, with rites and rituals that included baptisms, the symbolical feeding of the figure and origin of the god, and celebrations of the resurrection of the god.

Christianity may sustain begun as a whodunit craze or it mightiness bear lonesome false roughly of the beliefs and practices of these cults. Antediluvian infidel cultures divided a usual set of ideas some gods. Christianity may sustain adoptive those ideas, and applied them to Jesus. It seems alone potential that Jesus Messiah began as a ethereal god, so became a fiber in allegoric stories, and eventually was seen as a diachronic soul who really existed.

The Roman Imperium

A map of the roan Conglomerate at the altitude of it might. | Rootage

Did Christianity Get as the Adoration of a Sun-God?

The “Christ” of Christianity may get scarce been another ethereal god. Thither are a figure of similarities ‚tween versatile heathen/enigma fad gods and Christianity.

The nascency engagement of nigh of the sun-gods is December 25. This is the engagement of the Wintertime solstice and the escort adoptive by the church as the engagement of the bear of Jesus Messiah. The December 25 appointment is granted contempt the fact that the Bible says the shepherds were in their fields when Jesus was innate which substance that Jesus had to get been innate in the Leap (Luke 2:8).

At the metre of the Wintertime Solstice, the sun „dies“ for ternary years start about December 22, when it boodle its cause southward; it is so innate (resurrected) on December 25, when it begins its cause northwards.

The sun was seen as travel done the 12 signs of the Zodiac. It is potential that the xii disciples of Jesus symbolized the 12 signs of the zodiac. The Sun-gods oftentimes had disciples or attendants (although not ever 12 in turn).

The ethnic gods had witching births and around were natural to a pure. The gods oft impregnated youth thrum maidens.

The infidel gods frequently had titles care the “The Ignitor of The Humanity,” “The Way”, “The Effective Sheepherder, etcetera. These names were besides exploited for Jesus Messiah.

The heathenish gods sometimes had a “Last Supper” with their following ahead their deaths.

The infidel gods much were resurrected aft their deaths.

Baptism was a park rite among the following of the whodunit cults. Can the Baptist may birth been mimicking this rite, importation it into Judaism.

The custom of overwhelming cabbage and wine-colored as the emblematic (or genuine) lineage and build of the god was role of the secret religions. This corresponds to Jesus expression “Whoso eateth my form, and drinketh my parentage, hath everlasting spirit; and I bequeath acclivity him up at the finish day.” (Toilet 6:54)

The other Christian church acknowledged these similarities. Christian apologists Justin Martyrize (100-165 CE) and Tertullian (160-220 CE) commented on the similarities of the Christian beliefs, rites, and rituals to those of the enigma religions. Yet, they attributed these correspondences to the oeuvre of the demon who deep-rooted these similarities to disrepute Christianity.


Horus was oft portrayed as having the header of a falcon. | Root

How Does Horus Resemble Jesus?

Horus is an Egyptian god that dates to most 3100 BCE and was usually worshiped during Greco-Roman multiplication. Horus was a sky god—one version of his distinguish is “The One Who is Supra.” He was too called “The Master of the Sky.” He traversed the sky in the manikin of a falcon. His correct eye was the sun and his remaining eye was the lunation.

Thither are many unlike variations of the floor of Horus as would be expected with a myth as antediluvian as this one. Dissimilar myths look to sustain incorporated and get role of the Horus myth.

Horus had a charming parturition. His engender, the goddess Isis, victimized her charming powers to reassemble her utter conserve (too her sidekick) Osiris from his dismembered parts. His phallus was absent so she fashioned a gilt member and put-upon it to think her son. The significant Isis had to fly her family because her buddy Set who ruled at the sentence had killed Osiris and she knew he would neediness to defeat her son likewise. Horus was innate at the clip of the overwinter solstice.

He besides came to be identified with Osiris, his beget, so that he was both son and beget simultaneously. Horus was a god, but he too was a man because every pharaoh was considered the embodiment of Horus. The account of Horus was too blended with the history of Ra as they were both sun-gods. Ra was innate to a get who was a vestal impregnated by a churchman purport.

Thither are about park themes betwixt the history of Horus and the account of Jesus Messiah. Horus had a charming birthing at the clock of the wintertime solstice. Depictions of Isis nurseling her son, Horus, intimately resemble pictures of the Pure Mary with the baby Jesus. Both mothers had to fly because a rule threatened to defeat them (Set for Horus and Herod for Jesus.) Both were beginner and son concurrently and both took on buzz forms (pharaohs for Horus, an average man for Jesus.) Both had following (Horus had quartet and Jesus had dozen) and both preformed miracles (but unlike kinds of miracles). Horus’ beginner, Osiris, was resurrected abaft his decease.


Mithra is shown execution a bullshit.in a 2nd-3rd hundred Mithraistic reredos establish approximate Fiano Romano, nigh Rome, and now in the Fin. | Origin

How Does Mithra Resemble Jesus?

Mithra was an antediluvian Zoroastrian immortal, a god of igniter. The myth dates to 1400 BCE, but belike goes rear often advance. He was called the “The Way,” and “The Verity and the Sparkle.” Mithra was associated with over-the-counter sun-gods—the Greek god, Helios, and the Roman god, Sol Invictus. Anahita, a vestal goddess of fecundity, is sometimes identified as his associate/assort. (In around stories, she is his virginal sire.)

Mithraism was a potent competition yelp with Christianity to go the nigh pop faith of the sentence. About of the Roman emperors were following of Mithra and called him the “Protector of the Imperium.”

Mithra was natural from a stone and shepherds heralded his parentage. He was known as a god of verity, twinkle, justness, and redemption. He performed many miracles piece on World and aft his last he ascended to shangri-la. He promised to counter for a net day of sagacity of the animation and the deadened.

The execution of a samson was contribution of the rite of the cultus of Mithra. His following would eat the bod of the samson and deglutition (approximately say bath in) its parentage. If a crap were not useable, clams and pee or wine-colored could be substituted.

The hero-worship of Mithra likewise included a eucharistic-style “Lord’s Supper.” Mithra had a junket with his following rightfield ahead his expiry. An lettering institute in a synagogue of Mithra reads „He who volition not eat of my personify and drunkenness of my parentage, so that he leave be made one with me and I with him, the like shall not experience redemption.“

Comparison this to the row of Trick 6:53-54, „…Omit ye eat the bod of the Son of man, and swallow his parentage, ye sustain no sprightliness in you. Whoso eateth my chassis, and drinketh my descent, hath eonian biography; and I bequeath climb him up at the close day.“ (KJV)


The Enshrine of Attis is placed to the e of the Campus of the Magna Mater in Ostia. In the apsis is a cast (the master is in the Vatican Museums) of a statue of a reclining Attis. | Seed

How Does Attis Resemble Jesus?

The Attis craze began approximately 1200 BCE in Phrygia in Asia. Attis’ fuss, Nana, was a pure, who conceived by putt a advanced almond or a pomegranate in her tit. In around stories, Cybelle, the “Mother of the Gods” and a gravid Asiatic goddess of natality, is his sire. He was reported to deliver been a sheepman or herder love by Cybele.

Thither are two unlike accounts of the decease of Attis. According to one, he was killed by a boar, ilk Adonis. According to www.trustpilot.com/review/edubirdie.com the over-the-counter, he unsexed himself below a pine-tree, and bled to expiry on the smear. Accordingly, the priests in the avail of Cybele ceremonially unsexed themselves on incoming her serve of the goddess. Afterward his expiry, Attis is aforementioned to let been changed into a pine-tree.

Could the chastity of Catholic priests be a carryover from the idolize of Attis?

Are All the Reported Similarities Betwixt Jesus and the Gentile Gods Straight?

They are not all genuine. In fact, they are not eventide generally lawful. Many of those who glorify these similarities deliver been fanatic in their pursuance to receive similarities.

It appears that these false claims are based on the theories of Gerald Massey, an English poet (1828-1927) who had an concern in Egyptology. He wrote respective books approximately the similarities ‚tween Horus and Jesus. He got his facts incorrect, but his ideas sustain persisted.

As Richard Toll, source of The Christ-Myth , wrote “Those of us who continue any variant of the controversial Messiah Myth hypothesis breakthrough ourselves forthwith the aim of not fair critique, but evening rib. And it causes us humble to be lumped conjointly sure writers with whom we percentage the Messiah myth but petty else.”

I lone had place to quotation iii gods who suffer multiple similarities to Jesus. Thither are many others including Odysseus, Romulus, Dionysus, Heracles, etcetera.

I get through my outflank to crystalize the assumed claims from truth claims. https://www.instagram.com/edubirdie/ Roughly of the correspondences may good be coincidences. And I should add the fact that Christianity adoptive many ethnic beliefs and rituals is not proofread that Jesus did not subsist as an factual mortal. Yet, the similarities that I sustain confirmed are decent to advise the account of Jesus was blended with the account of heathenish gods.

Jesus Messiah

Why is Messiah frequently portrayed with a favourable orb bum his mind? | Germ

Barely Questioning…

I birth noticed that Jesus Messiah is frequently pictured with a favorable stave glow orb arse his mind. Does it map the sun? Is it a hangover from the years of sun-gods?

It is secondhand for gods and heroes in many cultures—Ancient Greece, Antediluvian Rome, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and otc religions.

A Countersign Most Mythicism

Expression „Messiah is a myth“ is not something new. Roughly scholars sustain been locution precisely that since leastwise 1793 when the Nirvana assimilator Charles Dupuis began to issue his 13-volume Origine de Tous les Cultes, ou Faith Universelle , which postulated the mythological origins of Christianity and over-the-counter antediluvian religions. Presently mass who clasp to the possibility that Jesus did not live as a diachronic mortal are called „mythers.“

The myther possibility is lots a nonage notion, but sufferance for it has been ontogenesis in late age.

Therein examine I time-tested to resume a few of the myths and the practices of religions based on those myths. Thither are many variations of the mythic stories. I time-tested to receive the almost plebeian beliefs. I time-tested to use nonsubjective sources for the myths. About of the atheistical websites persuasion the myths were very to the Messiah floor; around of the Christian justifier websites mentation thither were no similarities at all. I looked for websites who were in neither of those camps and which told the fabulous stories and the spiritual practices without preconception.

If you do your own enquiry you may discovery info that differs from what I let reported. That does not signify that one of us is damage. Thither is much of entropy on this subject. I victimized the entropy I judged to be near believable.

For Boost Interpretation

Many books bear been scripted astir mythicism–the mind that Jesus Messiah ne’er existed as a substantial individual and that his history is based on originally myths.

This is the tierce in a serial of iii articles on the issue of Jesus‘ beingness .

I’d care to acknowledge what my readers cogitate.

Which comes nearest to your aspect?

Jesus Messiah is (or well-nigh probably is) a myth.

Jesus Messiah really (or about potential) existed.

I harbour’t made up my judgement yet.

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© 2015 Catherine Giordano

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